GMV is known for its excellent quality and is among #1 in the world in multi-machining such as milling, turning and drilling of high-tech quality products.


CNC operators are the core of our company. Their professional skill, experience and focus on quality in the work they do is one of our success factors. We are also among the world's largest users of GibbsCAM.


Gun drilling from Ø2mm to Ø25mm,

up to 4000mm drilling depth.  


We focus on solutions, instead of problems. GMV has skilled and effective employees who solve the following:


  • Production technical challenges

  • Design and production of special tools

  • Production prototypes




GMV has a strong focus on innovation and takes customers' challenges head on. Why? Because our customer's challenge is our passion.


Current: We are proud to present our revolutionary technology behind Snapdrill, a fully automatic and hand-held tool that ensures quick, precise and effortless drilling.  


GMV is proud to offer the design and development of Custom made tools for your product.


We also help you decide the right material choices!  


Prototype is a general term for various models that are created during a development process to demonstrate and test function and design.

GMV offers facilitation for customers and guarantees good implementation of prototypes from sketch to physical product.

We help you realise your idea!


Quality control is important to ensure quality for the customer.


  • Process

  • Process / final control planning


We perform NDT in-house:

  • Visual inspection (VI)

  • Inspection of dyes or liquids (PT / DPI)

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)

  • Hardness testing (HT)



We perform testing and assemblies:

  • Testing and assembly facilities approx. 500m2

  • 2 skilled mechanics and 1 apprentice

  • Expertise and equipment for pressure testing